Maintenance methods for outdoor furniture in autumn (part 1)

- Jul 17, 2018-


Autumn weather will gradually turn cold, outdoor furniture also needs to pay attention to maintenance at this time, in order to extend the use time and life of outdoor furniture, most outdoor furniture is slowly being used by people after the summer season. Ignore, not only does not maintain after use, but also does not often close up, which has caused a series of quality problems in outdoor furniture.

Most outdoor furniture is used in public places, so maintenance and maintenance is a bit difficult, and it is a little difficult to do regular and habitual maintenance. In these places of use, outdoor furniture not only plays a leisurely and convenient role, but also beautifies the city's scenic life.

The types of outdoor furniture are divided into four categories: wrought iron, cast aluminum, solid wood, and rattan. Of course, there are differences in the maintenance and maintenance of different materials in these categories. Furniture, tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc., which are often placed outdoors, are the natural causes of outdoor furniture. Iron furniture The wind and rain exposed to it will cause rust and breakage for a long time, so the furniture of this material needs to be sprayed with paint for 2-3 months. The degree of solidity is not doubtful. Because it is all metal synthesis, there are few bad ones. problem. This kind of outdoor furniture is the most used outdoor furniture in daily life.

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