Maintenance Method for Rattan Coffee Table

- Jul 01, 2018-


What are the maintenance methods for rattan coffee table? Rattan furniture is a piece of furniture that has attracted more attention during this period and is loved by many netizens. After purchasing a rattan furniture, maintenance is also important. Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of the relevant PE rattan furniture.

In modern life, the owner makes a good cup of drinkc for the visiting guests and sits in the coffee table to chat with the guests. It is a common way of hospitality. The rattan coffee table has attracted the attention of the chatter for many times and the host has won a lot of admiration. However, the rattan coffee table requires more care and maintenance than other furniture.

Imitation rattan coffee table wiping method: For the rattan coffee table said that due to its special preparation, resulting in more than its place hidden on the surface. To ensure that the rattan coffee table is completely clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rough dust first, or use a soft-bristle brush to remove the dust, wipe it again with a wet rag, and finally dry it with a soft cloth.

Imitation rattan coffee table scrub method: For the scrub of the rattan coffee table, you can use light salt water to wipe. Light salt water has a bactericidal effect, so it can both decontaminate and give a clean environment. And for rattan tea table salt water can make its long-lasting flexibility, to prevent its crisp fold and insects. Rattan furniture maintenance method

Imitation rattan coffee table in the wet and dry season Note: In fact, whether it is a wooden coffee table or rattan coffee table, in the wet and dry season should pay attention to its maintenance. Molds are easy to breed in the wet season and should be ventilated to make the coffee table dry. In dry season, it can be wiped with more salt water, and keep it away from the fire.

Imitation rattan coffee table appearance and color maintenance skills: imitation rattan coffee table because of its special material, prone to sagging after the change. At this time, you should think of ways to lighten its rising load, and use something clever and well-balanced to support it. In this way, its appearance can be reduced. In order to prevent the fading of the coffee table and the aging of the paint, the direct sunlight and the corrosive liquid such as acid and alkali should be avoided.

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