Maintenance and cleaning of outdoor umbrellas

- Jul 14, 2018-


First, the maintenance of outdoor umbrella-head

The size of outdoor umbrella head is large, and it is easy to attract wind. Although most of the umbrellas have air outlets at the top, the impact of the umbrella is still great when the wind is strong. The wind will cause the umbrella to fall down, and even the umbrella column will bend or break, so when the weather turns negative It is best to put the umbrella together. The biggest role of a sun umbrella is to shade rather than shelter from the rain. It is not that the sun umbrella is not waterproof, but heavy rain is often accompanied by a gust of wind. The use of a sun umbrella will prematurely destroy it.

Second, the cleaning of outdoor umbrella-surface

The outdoor umbrella surface of the sun umbrella is generally made of polyester cloth. The main function is to shade and resist ultraviolet rays. However, because the fabric for making the sun umbrella is relatively fine and contains some fine particles, the best washing method is to rinse with water. You can't use a brush.

If it is an aluminum alloy material, when it is smudged on the surface, wipe it with water, but remember not to use concentrated acid or alkaline cleaner.

If there are plastic parts, the cleaning can be made clear with ordinary detergent. Be careful not to touch the hard objects, do not use metal brushes to wash the brush. It should be specially prevented from collision and scratches or hard objects. If there is cracking, hot melt method can be used. repair.

In the case of metal parts, avoid bumps during handling, and be careful not to scratch the surface protective layer; do not stand on the folding furniture to avoid deformation of the folded part and affect the use, only occasionally scrub with warm soapy water. Do not wash with strong acid or strong alkaline cleaner to avoid damage.

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