​Main Purposet of Rattan Furniture

- May 30, 2018-

Main Purposet of Rattan Furniture

First: villa

Mainly refers to the use of rattan furniture to reflect the company's image and use of promotional company products, such as the chain of outdoor real estate, outdoor furniture, Foshan outdoor furniture, cany plastic beer rattan table, Peacock City, rattan furniture, etc., are Is a typical representative of commercial outdoor leisure furniture. In order to play a role in propaganda, these outdoor furniture are generally printed Logo or product text, through the outdoor uninterrupted display plays an advertising role.

Second: leisure

The difference between leisure and villas is that they generally do not print advertisements on outdoor leisure furniture. The main purpose of their use of outdoor furniture is to be comfortable and casual, and they are usually in a casual place. In 798 Art District, Sanlitun Bar Street and Houhai Bar Street, etc., the scale and current status of various rattan outdoor furniture were studied, their structure and quality were studied, and the types and prospects of various outdoor furniture used here were discussed. Through the observation we found a lot, for example, the recreational area is very happy to use some new-style shade facilities, the price and shape are the most concerned factors in the large-scale purchase, and so on.

Leisure rattan outdoor furniture is a big market in big cities. Various cafes, bars, restaurants, leisure clubs, hotels, villas, wedding photography and other places are all using various types of outdoor leisure furniture to enhance Casual atmosphere. Therefore, in the sales of outdoor furniture, special care should be taken for this type of rattan outdoor furniture customer group. First, they are the pioneers who follow the trend of leisure. When new outdoor leisure furniture emerges, they will follow the trend, eliminate the old-fashioned ones, and introduce new models. Second, their purchase of outdoor furniture is large-volume. One point, go to the bar street of Sanlitun and Houhai. These customers need to give them timely information about new products and feed their eyes and brains in time.

Third: family

This is a buying group scattered in every corner of the city. Their characteristics are scattered and demanding, and they have great potential. If you realize that the terminal for casual outdoor furniture services is “people” rather than “legal persons”, I think there will be people shaking and they will put the long-term perspective of the group of rattan outdoor furniture purchases on civilian use.