Leisure life requires outdoor furniture

- Jan 02, 2019-


In the busy life of modern people, when you are not working, you want to have a casual life - outdoor furniture allows leisure life to be realized.

Wooden outdoor furniture: wooden outdoor furniture is usually treated with preservatives and then coated with a layer of outdoor wood oil on the surface, so that it penetrates into the texture of the wood, so that it will not enter the outdoor furniture itself even if it rains. Wooden outdoor furniture is usually very well maintained. For a long time, just apply a layer of wood oil on the basis of cleaning. More importantly, the wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for the contemporary and complex style of interior decoration. The line is generally based on straight lines, and some exaggerated shapes are better. For the rustic interior, the wood color is just too good, the natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate, creating a calm living atmosphere through delicate lines and details. Those who prefer wooden outdoor furniture should use outdoor furniture made of wood with high oil content, such as teak. This kind of wood can prevent the wood material from being brittle due to expansion or looseness.

Aluminum outdoor furniture: the general frame is aluminum alloy, and the rest of the mesh is composed. The advantage of such outdoor furniture is that the lines are smooth, the design of the pattern is luxurious and elegant, and it is easy to coordinate with the classical style interior design, so that it is rigid and soft.

Those who like to buy metal outdoor furniture should choose aluminum or painted and waterproof alloy materials. This material can withstand outdoor wind and rain. Outdoor rattan tables and chairs with parasols are ideally placed on the top terrace or large flower beds. European-style wrought iron tables and chairs are the first choice for European villas. Rattan furniture is easy and freehand. Just in the middle, it is soft and soft, it is durable, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, it is not mildewed, it is acid-resistant, it is waterproof and breathable, it is not cracked and stable, especially in the hot summer, it is more cold. It has the unique advantages of sweating and body affinity, moisture absorption and heat absorption. Those who like rattan furniture should pay attention to the maintenance of such outdoor furniture.

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