Leisure furniture-life needs your auxiliary

- Nov 28, 2018-

Our lives are ever-changing as time goes by, outdoor leisure furniture are constantly coming onto the market. Outdoor leisure is the trend for our future lives, outdoor supplies takes a proportion of 50% of daily use consumption in developed countries. This is true though it’s surprising.


Life needs people to enjoy, in spring, we can set a swing in balcony or yard, see the youthfulness of the season; in summer, we can camp out and decorate our courtyard with a nice tent, and view the bright moon & twinkled stars; in autumn, we sit in our own rattan sofa, taste what life gives us; in winter, a barbecue grill is the just right choice, eating barbecue foods around the grill at our own place is no doubt a piece of endless joy. Everything here is satisfaction. Only those enjoy their lives love lives.


Material of this rattan basket is all aluminum frame and PE rattan wrapped, the stand is made of iron. It’s very comfortable sitting on the chair with a polyester cushion that is water-proof. It features irregular weaving, casual but reveals regular, a bright color cushion, ample space, beautiful, durable & long lasting. Rattan swing chair is attractive by first sight, people sit it there and swing with a book, comfortable and free, it is indeed an adorable furniture for both adults and children. Ideal places: hotel, restaurant outdoor setting, indoor decoration, houses, villa, patio, etc.



As summer comes, a gazebo, a daybed, a family, great pleasure. The canopy makes people feel like under green grape vine, which brings joy and coolness. It can be rolled up and removed easily. A gazebo changes your living environment, make you feel like staying in paradise.



A sofa can be used for a very long time, but normally sofa is stapled in the living room in a set way. A set of functional rattan sofa is something different, aluminum frame, wrapped further in PE rattan, light weight so they be easily moved around to place differently as people wish. It’s living room, outdoor. It adds a refreshing and amusing atmosphere to families.



A barbecue grill is an excellent choice for winter, eating barbecue foods while watching tv or chatting makes lives full of joy. It warms people during cold winters. This imitation stone tables features a removable aluminum cover and a stainless steel/ iron grill for BBQ purpose. Table and chairs frames are made of sturdy and durable cast aluminum that is rust-resistant, for years of outside use.



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