Layout method of rattan sofa

- Jul 10, 2018-


1, Diagonal types: the diagonal arrangement is that the two sets of rattan sofas are arranged diagonally, and the vertical hanging is asymmetrical, which is easy and lively, convenient and comfortable;

2, Symmetrical type: The symmetrical arrangement conforms to the traditional Chinese habits of arrangement, the atmosphere is solemn, the position is strong, and it is suitable for more rigorous home use;

3, C-type: C-type arrangement is to arrange rattan sofas along three adjacent walls, with a coffee table in the middle. This kind of arrangement is convenient to enter, easy to talk, and wide in sight;

4, The ground type: the ground floor layout uses the floor and sinking floor, no seats, but make full use of all kinds of cushions, lively and casual, very comfortable;

5, One-line type: One-line layout is very common, the rattan sofa is placed along a wall in a shape, and the coffee table is placed in front, which is practical for a small living room.

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