Knowledge of polywood outdoor lounge chairs

- Jul 04, 2018-


The polywood outdoor leisure chair is waterproof and moisture-proof, which fundamentally solves the problem of decay, expansion and deformation of the solid wood in the case of moisture, water and moisture in a multi-water environment. High fire resistance, effective flame retardant, fire rating up to B1 level, self-extinguishing in case of fire, no toxic gas, mildew, anti-mite, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistant, insect proof, anti-termite, effectively eliminate insect harassment and prolong service life . There are many colors to choose from. Good finish, not only natural wood color, but also can customize the color according to your own personality. High chair strength, strong impact resistance, no pollution, no paint, zero methanol, no ammonia, benzene and other decorative pollutants . Low carbon environmental protection, recycling.

It does not crack, does not swell, and does not deform. It requires no maintenance and maintenance, is easy to clean, and saves maintenance and maintenance costs. But wooden furniture generally needs to be maintained or painted within one year. So the maintenance cost of the polywood outdoor lounge chair is much lower than the wooden furniture. The polywood lounge chair strip is a profile, which can produce to meet the length of the customer's needs. It can also be infinitely long, and the length of the solid wood is stipulated to be dead. When we go out to play, we often see polywood outdoor lounge chairs all the roadside.

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