Key points for the quality of villa furniture

- Aug 16, 2018-


1. Observe the advantages and disadvantages of villa furniture: Open the furniture door and drawer of the villa to observe whether the wood is dry, white, and the texture is tight and delicate. The inferior wood or yellow heartwood is not only yellow and brown, but also soft.

2. Observe the villa furniture wood with or without defects: The main force part of the villa furniture is framed, and the load-bearing horizontal strips connecting the columns near the ground should not have large knots, cracks and cracks.

3. Observe the strength of the furniture surface of the villa: The strength of the surface of the board can be pressed by fingers to feel the fastness of the board surface. The surface material should be fixed with a well-shaped skeleton. If the skeleton is sparse, the surface will feel empty and false, and the panel will vibrate. Very big. The bottom of the drawer can be pressed by hand to test the strength

The size of the villa furniture is accurate and the shape is correct: check whether there is a drawer or the door frame is tilted, whether the eye position is twisted or the eye hole is too large, and the position is skewed due to the process level.

5, the structural requirements of the main dimensions of the villa furniture: the width of the support column and the basement column of the combination villa furniture should be no less than 45 mm to 50 mm, and the thickness should be 20 mm to 22 mm. The width of the horizontal strip of the cabinet 3 should be 25 mm to 30 mm and the thickness of 20 to 22 mm.

6, the skirt of the villa furniture should be protected: Villa furniture with a variety of veneer decorative surface, there should be protective skirts near the ground, otherwise a layer of 3 mm thick Pauli board may be kicked by the toes, When you purchase, you should kneel down and put your hand on the ground to flip the hand to the inside to touch, whether to add a horizontal bar.