Iron furniture purchase tips

- Dec 18, 2018-


Although iron furniture has been favored by some consumers, it is still far from forming a consumption boom. The reason is that people don’t know much about wrought iron technology, often confuse it with forged products, and do not know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages. People's consumption behavior. The following PERFECT FURNITURE introduces a few simple identification techniques:

First, use hard objects to knock in the corners where the furniture is not noticeable. If the marks are exposed to the same color as the coins instead of the rust, it is a specially treated genuine product. It can be used for 5 to 20 years without rusting. There is color. Ordinary products generally do not have this layer of special treatment, generally will lose the original color after 3 years, and become rusty;

Second, high-grade wrought iron furniture, welding points are not exposed;

Third, pay attention to the details, such as petal, leaves, branches, fine craftsmanship, no breaks. In addition, wrought iron furniture is hand-forged and is a work created by heart. Therefore, they often have the personality emotion of the manufacturer. If you have a certain artistic appreciation, you will definitely feel their spirituality.

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