Invisible killer of outdoor umbrellas

- Aug 16, 2018-


NEW PERFECT FURNITURE FACTORY according to the use of outdoor umbrellas responded by customers, and the maintenance and replacement of various types of umbrellas, the invisible killer of outdoor umbrellas is certainly the wind.

After communication with customers and on-site replacement of parasols, many customers will ask when they consult: Can your parasols be windproof? Will your sun umbrella be blown away by the wind? When asking these questions, I will first solve a misunderstanding of the customer. Because according to the customer's reaction situation, many outdoor umbrellas were broken down by the wind because they were not collected in time. Some were scraped off the ribs, some were scraped off the umbrella column, and some were scraped away. Therefore, we recommend that our customers open the outdoor umbrella when they using. Buy when not in use, in the late afternoon and evening, especially when it is windy and rainy, it is necessary to close the umbrella in time and protect it well.