Interpretation of outdoor furniture wicker chairs

- Jan 02, 2019-


Wicker chair - one of the members of the outdoor furniture.

The rattan chairs are light and generous, and the finely interwoven rattan is simple and refreshing.

Wicker chair, made of bamboo, rattan cane skin, rattan core and so on. It is a chair made of bamboo or thick rattan, and then made of rattan and rattan and rattan wraps. There are rattan stools, rattan chairs, rattan bar chairs, rattan chairs, rattan rocking chairs, and rattan eggs. Chairs, etc. The European rattan is made of solid wood skeleton, with rattan cane core or rattan. The relative craftsmanship and style are more gorgeous than traditional rattan. There are twisted rattan armchairs and orchid chairs. It is light and generous and simple. After seeing the lavish and complicated goods, people are more inclined to this convenient and practical chair. And this chair has a variety of shapes and is very cute. You can see a picture of the product on our website or consult the price:

People have been tired of the hustle and indifference of the modern city, and more and more deeply realize that the style of the rattan chair series is really valuable, and it is a beautiful and idyllic room, which is intimately integrated with nature and gives another living space. Experience. In this sense - nature is fashion.

Wicker chairs and other rattan furniture, ornaments made of muddy small rattan, can be freely designed and framed to create a cabin feeling. At present, the materials, handcrafts and technical sources of rattan chair weaving are mainly based on the traditional techniques of Southeast Asia, which make the rattan products full of ancient Nanyang style, not very modern, and are usually more popular among middle-aged people. The rattan chair is not only simple, but also has a strong emphasis on artistry. It has a Chinese-style peacock shape, a chicken heart shape, a sun shape, a European-style palace type, a crown shape, and regular and irregular geometric shapes.