inspection method of outdoor rattan table tempered glass

- Jul 03, 2018-


Many outdoor furniture factories will put tempered glass on the outdoor rattan table. As we all know that, the strength of tempered glass is 4-6 times that of different glass. Many top material of outdoor rattan table are made of tempered glass, but how to check whether it is tempered glass?

1, the use of professional equipment: polarized light

The stress characteristic is an important sign in the identification of true and false tempered glass. In the identification, the color stripe can be seen through the polarizer at the edge of the glass. When viewed from the surface of the glass, black and white spots can usually be seen. Polarizers can be found in camera lenses or glasses. Pay attention to the adjustment of the light source when viewing, which makes it easier to observe.

2, ordinary visual view

Tempered glass is inevitably subject to stress spots. You can take a few steps back and look at the reflected objects (do not reflect the blue sky). It is best to reflect the black and white grid. If you see a change in the waveform, there is a similar phenomenon, that is, tempered or semi-tempered glass. Semi-tempered flattening is superior to tempering.

To sum up:

Usually the first point is not available to most ordinary consumers. In order to purchase a outdoor rattan table to purchase professional equipment, it is not make sense.So ordinary visual observation is more use. Moreover, the cost of the tempering process is not very high. At present, the glass of outdoor rattan tables on the market are all tempered, and it is usually true if it is claimed to be tempered glass.

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