Inspection details for custom outdoor furniture

- Jul 18, 2018-


With the development of personalized outdoor furniture, “private customization” has also emerged in the home decoration industry to satisfy people's desire to create individuality and personal customization. Therefore, custom outdoor furniture and customized outdoor furniture have gradually formed a business form. For custom outdoor furniture, the following methods are recommended to verify the details of the product:

First, from the production process, the workmanship of the product is not meticulous, the production does not reach the standard, see its component combination, the connection between the component and the component is reasonable, firm or not, the structure connection should be tight, between the metal materials The welding should be complete, the screws should not be exposed, so as to avoid smashing the clothes and scratching the human body, the surface should be smooth and flat.

Second, from the production size, the factory should be customized according to the customer's requirements, no shortage of shortcomings, outdoor furniture not only has the right size, but also practical, easy to use.

Third, from the production materials, we must strictly follow the materials required by the contract with the customer to make the production, do not cut corners, do not replace materials, all to create a boutique, customer service.

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