Ingenious layout in the courtyard

- Jul 03, 2018-


With the increase of furniture style, the classification of furniture is more and more comprehensive: there are office furniture, leisure furniture, fitness furniture, indoor furniture, and outdoor furniture. Have you ever thought that using outdoor furniture to dress up the courtyard would be a good choice?

If outdoor patio furniture is introduced into indoor, then the rattan furniture is the darling of outdoor patio furniture. In the hot summer, even if you stay at indoors, you can enjoy the coolness of outdoor recreation. The rattan coffee table and the rattan cushion is perfect match, and the rattan lounge chair will take all the focus of the living room. They will bring you into the summer forest and breathe fresh air.

A corner is opened on the balcony to create an indoor courtyard view, and the rattan sofa, rattan seat and rattan basket which was placed outdoors moved indoors. Green pillows, carpets and apple pattern curtains and table lamps add more interesting to this space. The red cushion and the red bag are contrasted with the dark rattan sofa, and the rattan hollow effect makes this outdoor sofa full of charm. A comfortable and casual atmosphere is formed.

The outdoor furniture matched with red table, and the tent leisure sofa made of rattan moved inside,sky blue lounge chairs,they will create a courtyard effect together. The contrast between the wicker chair and the color of the wall invents the visual impact, and the novel wicker chair is the key to space creation. Deepen the three-dimensional sense of space.

After that place some green plants to create a leisurely indoor space.

Finaly done, is there a feeling of entering the countryside? which will bring you a cool home life in the hot summer.

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