How to protect the fabric furniture from moisture

- Dec 08, 2018-


The most basic maintenance of fabric furniture is to do the dust removal work. In addition, the following knowledge points need to be noticed:

Moisture symptoms: In the early stage of fabric furniture, discoloration and discoloration may occur due to long-term dampness, and yellow spots or mildew may appear on the surface. Moreover, the elasticity of the fabric after damp is lost, the tensile strength is decreased, and the volume of the fabric is increased. After the wet period, the fabric will become brittle, the wear resistance is seriously lost, and it is easy to wear;

Moisture-proof maintenance: the fabric is easy to adhere to dust, and the dust should be cleaned at ordinary times to avoid mildew in wet weather;

Moisture treatment: For ordinary fabric sofas, if it is damp, it can be dried by a blower or dried by a dryer, but it should be noted that the hair dryer keeps a certain distance from the surface of the cloth. It is better to use a special vacuum cleaner to completely absorb the dust on the surface of the fabric sofa.

Love Tips: In the wet weather, use a hair dryer to gently blow the sofa to remove the moisture inside the sofa. If you do not have the ability to master the operation, or the sofa has a large area of mildew, it is best to ask a professional fabric sofa cleaning team to solve.

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