How to make the light villa outdoor furniture look new?

- Dec 04, 2018-


Villa outdoor furniture can be divided into dark furniture and light furniture according to its color. Light-colored furniture will darken after a period of use, and it will age more than dark villas. So how do we keep the villa's outdoor furniture fresh?

There are four main points:

1. The most important thing is not to expose the outdoor furniture of the villa to the intense sunlight;

2. Secondly, protect the outdoor furniture surface of the villa. If it is not at home for a long time, use some cardboard to block the ash layer.

3. During the use of villa outdoor furniture, water or beverages are often accidentally spilled onto the furniture. This is necessary to be cleaned up in time to prevent the mark from being left for a long time.

4, the time spent on the villa outdoor furniture will inevitably have yellowing phenomenon, this time you can use a toothpaste with a little water to wipe, this will be completely new.

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