How to make outdoor furniture beautiful and practical?

- Jul 13, 2018-


Outdoor furniture has been developed in China for many years, but it seems that it has not yet gained the full trust of consumers. Although traditional furniture has been declining, outdoor furniture has not achieved its market share. What is the reason for this situation? Outdoor furniture manufacturers believe that the reasons are manifold.

First of all, the main body of consumers in the society is still after 70s and 80s. The traditional aesthetics make them not easily accept outdoor furniture. Moreover, the concept of life conveyed by outdoor furniture is not accepted by them, so its market Sales have not been expanded. Secondly, although outdoor furniture is environmentally friendly, it is in line with people's longing for green home life, but its price is higher than ordinary furniture. Moreover, traditional furniture has gradually added environmental factors, making outdoor furniture more competitive. For the decline. In addition, outdoor furniture is novel in design and stylish in appearance, but its practicality has been criticized by many people. Many consumers think that outdoor furniture is not suitable for use, which further increases the difficulty of outdoor furniture to open up the market, if outdoor Furniture can be made of high quality and low price, beautiful and practical, then it is another scene to meet the outdoor furniture manufacturers.

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