How to maintain tempered glass dining table

- Dec 12, 2018-


The tempered glass dining table has the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, and crystal clear and transparent. For the maintenance of tempered glass dining table, you should start from the following aspects to make the tempered glass in your home more practical.

Maintenance of tempered glass dining table:

1, to avoid exposure & rain. The seam is easily cracked due to the seam, which causes the substrate to expand and deform. If this happens in the dining table, it will only be returned to the factory for repair;

2, usually remember not to force the glass surface, when you put things on it, take it lightly. In order to prevent scratching of the glass surface, it is best to lay a tablecloth;

3, the desktop should always be kept clean, must prevent contamination and produce mildew. If you find mildew, you should slap the table to a ventilated place and use an electric iron for 2-3 minutes in the place where there is mildew; until the mildew disappears;

4, for the tea falling on the table, etc., should be dried in time, otherwise, a long time will leave a very ugly stain. If there is any stain, you can sprinkle some water on the table, then wipe it with the foil paper in the cigarette box, and finally wash the tea track with water scrub;

5, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper during daily cleaning, if the stain can be wiped with a towel, beer or warm vinegar, you can also use the glass cleaner currently on the market, avoid acid and alkaline Strong solution cleaning. The surface of the glass in winter is easy to frost, and it can be wiped with cloth or concentrated liquor or white wine. The effect is very good;

6, the use of plastic wrap and damp cloth with detergent can also rejuvenate the often oily glass. First, spray the glass on the cleaning agent, then stick the plastic wrap to soften the solidified oil stains. After ten minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe with a damp cloth. To keep the glass clean and bright, you must always clean it. If there are handwriting on the glass, rub it with rubber soaked water, then wipe it with a damp cloth; if there is paint on the glass, it can be scrubbed with cotton and hot vinegar; wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth and alcohol to make it bright as crystal;

7, if the pattern of frosted glass can be used with a toothbrush with detergent, wipe the stain;

8, to avoid burning cigarettes, otherwise it will leave scars. If the scorch marks are only on the surface, a soft cloth can be applied to the toothpick to gently wipe the traces, and then a layer of wax is applied, and the scorch marks can be removed.

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