How to maintain rattan furniture in summer?

- Nov 07, 2018-


In the summer, the maintenance of rattan furniture can't be sloppy. The rattan furniture material is natural vine material. It often absorbs a lot of water. If doesn't have enough water, then the rattan furniture is easy to become brittle and easily broken, so it will reduce the use of rattan furniture. Life, furniture maintenance, if not in place, good furniture is also susceptible to deformation or damage. Just like the skin to be hydrating and maintenance, summer furniture should also be treated with orange heart, especially the rattan furniture with high frequency of use is mostly placed outdoors. After the rainy season, it is easy to mold and encounter sun exposure and break easily. Therefore, if you want to extend the service life of rattan furniture, you should remember to replenish water frequently, and the cleaning method should be appropriate.

Rattan furniture should be ventilated as much as possible to avoid exposure. Generally speaking, the woven net of rattan is easy to breed mildew. "Before the rainy weather, the furniture is more ventilated when the weather is good. It can avoid the formation of mold spots and keep it dry." Ningbo Jinshang Xiao Ai of the garden said that he should not ask for “dry” enthusiasm, and lift the rattan furniture to the place where the sun shines directly. The contrasting rattan can easily deform or even break. Bijing outdoor rattan furniture is mostly original color or milky white. If it is placed in the courtyard and receives sunshine for a long time, the rattan can easily become thousands or brittle, and the rattan furniture will change color. For example, white rattan will be long and yellow. And the red rattan furniture will be partially faded. The simple way is to put the rattan furniture in the shade, or buy a large parasol to separate the direct sunlight.

Wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it naturally. If the rattan furniture is slightly deformed by moisture, it is best to fix the original shape, and then the natural wind blows thousands or dry, most of them will return to the original shape and rule.

Inch. If the seat surface is slightly collapsed, try to use the square stool or storage box to hold the rattan chair in the lower part, and wait for it to slowly collect a lot of moisture. Never wash furniture with tap water and expose it to the sun. Not only does the color change, but it also appears to be dry and difficult to remedy. “It is best to scrub with a damp cloth and a special mild detergent.”

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