How to maintain outdoor umbrellas?

- Dec 21, 2018-


The hot summer has passed, the winter weather is coming along, and with the protection of parasols in the hot summer, we can continue the outdoor activities. With the opening of the parasols, we can stay outdoors. But how do you maintain these parasols so that they are used longer in their own yards?

Outdoor umbrellas should be gathered in time when there is heavy wind and heavy rain, so as to prevent damage caused by heavy wind and heavy rain. Heavy rain increases the wind, not to mention the parasols, even the trees on the roadside are uprooted, so the umbrella must be gathered up in the bad weather.

Umbrella umbrellas are specially treated to protect them from UV rays and are not easily faded. However, after a year of ups and downs, the color difference of the umbrella cloth will still change. Therefore, it is best to replace the umbrella cloth once a year, and also to maintain it once, so that the umbrella can really play the role of sunshade and rain. Then there is the cleaning of the umbrella cloth. The fabric of the umbrella is relatively fine. It contains some fine particles, so the best washing method is to wash with water, not with a brush. Try not to get water on the umbrella stand to avoid rusting the umbrella stand. In fact, the best way is not to buy a light colored umbrella, so you don't have to spend this effort. And the dark umbrella anti-UV function is better than the light umbrella. If you choose a cleaning solution, just use white vinegar and detergent. It is important to note that detergents that do not contain alkali must be chosen because of the fluorescent layer on the surface of the umbrella.

It is important to note that when installing a parasol, if it is not installed or used improperly, it may damage the life of the parasol. Do not force the hard cover. Because the use of each small part has its own design principle, if the hard case is a deadly damage to this part.

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