How to maintain outdoor furniture cushions

- Dec 27, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is now more and more popular, especially for outdoor furniture with cushions. But how should we maintain outdoor furniture cushions so that they can be used in good condition? There are 6 points to note below:

1. Dust at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust from the fabric structure;

2. If the mat can be turned over, it should be turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed;

3, if stains, can be wiped with a clean rag and water, in order to avoid leaving a mark, it is best to wipe from the periphery of the stain;

4. All polyester cloth covers can be washed in water and bleaching is prohibited;

5, should avoid wearing sweat, water stains and mud when sitting directly on outdoor furniture to ensure the life of the furniture;

6. If you find that the thread is loose, do not tear it by hand. Use scissors to cut it flat.

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