How to maintain and clean outdoor furniture?

- Dec 11, 2018-


Outdoor furniture has a long contact time with the outside world, and it will always cause dirt when used for a long time. For some high-quality teak outdoor furniture, proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary. In fact, in ordinary life, these furniture can be cleaned up with the "chemicals" that are common in life. There are three common methods:

1. You can use white vinegar and hot water to mix in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe the stain on the surface of the furniture. If the stain is difficult to remove, let the vinegar water stay on the smudge surface and then use a soft cloth to force it. rub. Because acetic acid has the effect of decomposing dirt, this method is not suitable for all furniture. Teak furniture is secreted by oil stains. In this way, the secreted oil stains may be broken down. However, indoor mahogany furniture is not affected, and if it is contaminated by ink stains, it will be applicable.

2, lemon can polish the hot marks that have been burnt. Rub the lemon slices or a rag with lemon juice, wipe with a soft cloth soaked in hot water, and then dry them quickly with a dry soft cloth. The outdoor furniture can be restored to its original brilliance.

3, some aluminum alloy outdoor furniture usually encounter this situation, that is, the outdoor furniture used for a long time, will be long to see the effect of aluminum alloy yellowing, how to solve it? In fact, our daily toothpaste can solve the problem. Squeeze the toothpaste to the yellowed area, gently rub it, remember not to use force, because the toothpaste has the effect of decomposing the paint, so be careful.

These are the most common methods of maintenance and cleaning outdoor furniture. These materials are readily available and are the most environmentally friendly. They do not corrode the maintenance methods of furniture. I do hope it is helpful for you.

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