How to maintain an outdoor wooden lounge chair?

- Mar 24, 2019-


How to maintain the service life of outdoor wooden lounge chairs?

1. When installing outdoor wooden lounge chairs, be sure to place them correctly and reasonably. The grounding screws and ground holes must be tight. The seat strips should also be tightened to the legs without loosening. The distance and number of screws must match well.

2, daily care of the legs and chair strips. It is necessary to repaint and reinforce the legs regularly, and replace the damaged parts in time.

3, the use of outdoor wooden lounge chairs is an important symbol of urban green environmental protection, but also the best way for people to relax outdoors, so the protection of outdoor wooden lounge chairs is very important, want to make outdoor wooden There is a good way to maintain the life of the leisure chair.

In addition to facilitating outdoor activities, outdoor wooden lounge chairs add a lot of color to the city. Everyone should act to protect the environment and protect these outdoor wooden lounge chairs.

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