How to maintain aluminum outdoor furniture

- Dec 12, 2018-


Aluminum can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion in humid air, and is often widely used in the development of three important industries of aviation, construction and automobiles. Nowadays, aluminum alloy outdoor furniture is also very common in the market, and it has become a focus of attention in the process of maintenance. Here are some ways to explain how to maintain aluminum furniture after painting.

1, spray furniture maintenance is directly related to the life of the furniture, furniture paint film is like human skin, the surface is distributed with capillary, if not regular maintenance, the paint film will soon age, loss of light, brittle fracture.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use hard foreign objects to scribe the surface of the paint film. It is strictly forbidden to contact the surface of the paint film with high temperature items such as cigarette butts and boiling water.

3. Corrosive chemicals such as “acid, alkali, etc.” are strictly prohibited from contacting the surface.

4, the furniture is strictly prohibited from exposure, waterfall, touch the ground to avoid flooding, otherwise, the paint film will accelerate aging, structural deformation.

5. After the furniture is placed, it is forbidden to shake and shake at random to avoid deformation and falling off of the joint.

6, the furniture placed items should not exceed the design pressure, long-term bearing heavy pressure, the furniture structure will be deformed, the paint film will fall off.

7. Painted furniture should be wiped once a day with a wet towel to keep the paint film moist enough to avoid severe dehydration and age the paint film.

8, furniture should be according to changes in air humidity, wipe the special oil for painting furniture, spring and summer once a week to wipe the autumn, winter at least twice a week, to avoid the tarnish of the paint film caused by the aging of furniture color, wipe must be carefully rubbed in place, Rub a few times to allow the paint film to fully absorb.

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