How to integrate outdoor furniture with Country culture?

- Jul 16, 2018-


How to integrate outdoor furniture with Country culture, by comparing outdoor furniture products with local characteristics on the market, we can find that there are three different levels in the way of integration:

First, the use of surface form elements. At this level, the designer's use of Chinese cultural elements focuses on certain figurative symbols and artifacts. These products identify and change the design elements of traditional Chinese culture, picking up certain elements to change and transform the shape, so that it can better match the existing products.

Second, the use of intermediate material technology. At this level, the designer's refinement of Chinese culture will be more abstract, but it is still based on a concrete material, that is, the re-excavation, development and utilization of unique materials and techniques in the local culture. Material technology is a further layer of structural elements in design. Compared to modeling, material processing is more practical and more important. Often a new material or a new process can trigger a design trend or revolution. The use of materials such as metal plastics in furniture has created a subversive impact on traditional wooden furniture.

Third, the use of inner cultural connotations. The use of elements of this level is more abstract than the former two, transcending the limitations and constraints of the material level, and rising to the understanding and exploration of spiritual philosophy. A design work, to remove the external material coat, the real inner spiritual core is the designer's design techniques and ideas. The cultural connotation of design is the decisive factor in determining the designer's approach and philosophy. But this cultural connotation will vary with geography and time. Taking Chinese furniture as an example, southern furniture is dexterous and delicate, northern furniture is stable and sturdy, Ming Dynasty furniture is simple and elegant, Qing Dynasty furniture is gorgeous and prosperous, and the highest realm of local culture is to refine this cultural connotation and use its guiding design. The technique and concept, so that the design of the product has a similar and unified style and characteristics, and this is the so-called design culture trend.

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