How to identify the UV protection function of the sun umbrella

- Dec 04, 2018-


Sun umbrellas are mainly used to block direct sunlight from the sun. When we buy a parasol, we have to consider more UV umbrellas. So how do you identify the UV protection function of a parasol?

Relevant experts remind consumers to recognize the UV protection performance of the sun umbrella. At present, the domestic and international standards generally use the UPF value, that is, the UV protection factor value, to evaluate the UV protection performance of textiles. The UPF value is the ratio of the average amount of ultraviolet light to the unprotected skin. The larger the UPF value, the better the UV protection. The upcoming national standard stipulates: Only when UPF>30, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, can it be called UV protection product, the protection grade is UPF30+; and when UPF>50, it indicates the product Excellent UV protection and protection rating UPF50+.

So can a sun umbrella with good UV protection cover the rain? the answer is negative. The reason why the sun umbrella can protect against ultraviolet rays is that there is a layer of sunscreen paint on the outside of the sun umbrella. If it is often washed by rain, the paint will gradually disappear. So in order to protect the sunscreen effect of the sun umbrella, try not to use it to cover the rain.

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