How to distinguish between true and false teak?

- Jul 03, 2018-


-From the weight point: the real teak density is 0.67-0.73/cm&sup3, lighter than rosewood, but heavier than the hemlock, with a moderate sense, while fake teak is generally biased.

-From the scent: True teak has a unique aroma that can be noticed when cut, while fake teak is either unscented or has an unpleasant smell.

-From the sawn wood: the real teak sawn wood has a heavy oily texture, and it has a soft feeling when pinched by hand, while the fake teak sawn timber is dry and loose, and has a rough hand.

-From the water absorption: drop two drops of water in the unpainted place of the two fake teak, the water drops on the real teak will not penetrate, and the water drops on the fake teak will infiltrate quickly.

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