How to deal with white table and chair furniture if turning yellow

- Jul 01, 2018-


White table and chair furniture is one of the more widely used furniture in the home life, but also need care and clean furniture in daily life, then what's methods to clean white table and chair furniture best? Let's learn about it together below.

White table and chair furniture maintenance method:

Many users in the home life will have the experience that the white table and chair furniture will appear yellow after a certain period of time, which is caused by the lack of careful maintenance. Some cleaning methods are wrong, but there are Some are because they are not clean at all. These practices are the cause of discoloration of furniture. To solve this problem fundamentally, we must pay attention to the cleaning and care of white table and chair furniture.

The nursing white table and chair furniture is usually wiped with a dry cloth. Some of the stains used for a long period of time can be slightly alcoholic. If there is no alcohol or it is inconvenient to buy, white wine is also possible. However, it is best to use clean water to clean the furniture. The paint on the surface is easy to peel off after encountering water. This is a small trick, and careless users may want to pay attention.

Conditional friends can go to the supermarket to buy a white table and chair furniture cleaner wipe, because it is a professional white table and chair furniture care products, of course, the effect will be better, but also can use toothpaste for care, the effect is better, in Xiao Bian reminds the masses of users here that toothpaste plays a greater role in life. Leather bags, leather sofas, etc. can all be used. Erasers also have larger functions. They can be properly used in the home.

The yellowness of white furniture is inseparable from the light, so avoid direct sunlight is also to understand. Direct sunlight can cause furniture to deform and yellow. Then there is diligence. Even if the lazy people can't clean up their homes in many ways, so the most important thing is to do it. Only by frequent cleaning can you reduce the stains and spots on the furniture. , to make the white fairy tale world more beautiful.

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