How to create a quality garden home?

- Mar 08, 2019-


The courtyard life is full of pastoralism and has always been desirable. Especially in the winter, the outdoor furniture and the sun shine together, in the courtyard or on the terrace, lie freely or sit on the outdoor table and chairs, enjoy the warm sunshine like the gentle wind, what a wonderful Things. But how to create a quality garden home? How to choose the right outdoor furniture? What is the outdoor furniture in the winter?

Metal outdoor furniture in the winter, because the metal material is very plastic, the design can be very individual, but also full of classical and pastoral flavor. Usually a variety of metal materials, traditional wrought iron, aluminum or water-treated alloy materials, stainless steel, cast aluminum, anti-rust treated cast iron or steel pipe, are more durable. The disadvantage is that they are more tough, summer is more suitable, spring and autumn feel cool, add some fabric materials to improve comfort.

Secondly, to solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture must be preserved first. The solid wood material has the natural taste of the country, the warmth and comfort of the natural wood, and the outdoor furniture chooses the wood with larger oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc. It has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the production process is also very important, because it is exposed for a long time. Deformation is inevitable.

Rattan furniture is a natural outdoor furniture that will coordinate the surrounding environment and design a small outdoor space into a comfortable and elegant paradise.

Finally, the coordination of furniture placement and utility coordination should also be considered. The tone of the outdoor furniture can be positioned according to the design style of the home. Let a group of furniture become a conspicuous subject - combined with the atmosphere of the surrounding environment, using the form, color, texture, etc. to make special design and arrangement, so that the local landscape environment has obvious recognizability, with a group of the most conspicuous furniture as the main body Other matching references make it feature and personality. The style that is coordinated with the interior of the home - the outdoor furniture and the overall interior design style, such as the classical pastoral style with the coordinated outdoor furniture, like traditional wrought iron or solid wood material, rather than the modern metallic texture or personality design. Plants enhance the mood, and there are plants next to the outdoor furniture, which makes it easier to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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