How to clean outdoor lounge chairs

- Nov 19, 2018-


Lounge chairs bring leisure to people's lives, but we also need to clean them at the same time. In order to ensure the service life of the lounge chair, all kinds of lounge chairs should be used and cleaned correctly.


All kinds of leisure chairs, especially wooden leisure chairs, require a certain temperature and relative humidity in the room during use. Newly purchased lounge chairs should maintain a certain degree of ventilation in addition to the interior. In addition, the outdoor leisure chair should avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid discoloration of the furniture surface or cracking of the furniture.

Water and detergent are better cleaning products for rattan lounge chairs. Because the material of the vine is more comfortable, and the quality of the vine is not very large, the rope is more likely to withstand its quality, and its life will be longer. Therefore, when cleaning the hanging chair, we should use the clean water and detergent to clean it. For parts that cannot be cleaned, you should use paint to oil it. Remember to not remove the above part, because the uneven material above may cause accidents. As for the metal part, the vacuum cleaner should be used to suck out the dust. Wipe it with a thousand cloth.

For wood lounge chairs, water and paint are a good helper when cleaning. It is generally not recommended to use a cleaning agent to clean the leisure chair, because once the cleaning agent touches the wooden thing, the cleaning agent will enter the wooden inside. Usually sitting on it will have a feeling of fullness. If there is water on it, the cleaning agent inside will be It will combine with water to make soap on the surface of the wood. I wanted to clean it, but it will be dirty. For some of the stains that can't be cleaned anyway, you should put a layer of paint on the suspect, and let it be younger.

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