How to choose the color of outdoor furniture

- Oct 19, 2018-


Tone is an overall color feeling. The choice of color tone determines the style of outdoor furniture, vivid and solemn, passionate and dull, and intimate and bright, so the choice of outdoor furniture color should be extra cautious, generally according to the function of outdoor furniture, Structure, timeliness and user preferences are determined.

The standard is to be consistent in color and shape, and to help shape and color. For example, the color design of children's outdoor furniture requires bright colors and lively style. Because children's imagination is rich, different colors can stimulate children's visual nerves and satisfy children's imagination of the whole world, which are indispensable for children's growth. In addition to attracting children's attention, bright colors can stimulate children's visual development, improve children's creativity, and train children's sensitivity to color. Therefore, children's outdoor furniture should be designed with bright, bright and light colors.

In addition, the determination of the color of outdoor furniture generally refers to three points. First, the high-pitched tones show contempt and crispness, while the low-key tones show deep and solemn; second, warm tones have a warm effect, while cool tones make people feel calm; third, with high-color warm colors The main tone can make people feel excited, and the low-color cool color can make people calmly think. In short, color tone is one of the main factors in the color design of outdoor furniture that dominates and unifies the overall color perception.

Finally, PERFECT outdoor furniture reminds you that outdoor furniture is placed in the outdoor environment for a long time. It is deeply tested by sun, rain and outdoor environment. It is also a great challenge for professional outdoor metal powder, outdoor paint and outdoor wood oil. As the use time goes by, there will be a small degree of fading, which is a problem for color tolerance. If the color is added, the furniture that has faded slightly after using for a period of time does not affect the aesthetics of the color.

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