How to choose outdoor lounge chairs of different materials

- Jul 16, 2018-


The use of outdoor lounge chairs has been very frequent, and everyone is so passionate about outdoor lounge chairs. It is because people can feel the freshness of nature when they are resting outdoors.

When choosing the iron lounge chair first, we have to look at the cast iron graphite form. Some cast irons of the same hardness may not be of the same type. Choose the same type of contrast. The most intuitive way to look at cast iron is to look at his thickness and firmness. You can also use the tapping sound method. The sound is very long and the ball is better. The sound is very short and the boring is bad. I believe that most people will look at these aspects.

When selecting wood, it is best to use hawthorn and pineapple, and whether there are white series, wood spots, black lines and tree knots on the wood of the lounge chair. Good wood trees have fewer knots, wood spots and black lines. Its texture is clear and beautiful, looking at his weight, generally good wood weight is relatively heavy. The same style and different storefronts, the most direct can be compared to the weight, the wood does not need steel lounge chair steel can do four limbs move, so I use the hand to mention contrast.

For solid wood lounge chairs, the general colors are brownish red and wood. In terms of color, you can choose according to your own preferences. Most of the friends around you prefer the color of the wood. Because it is more close to the big natural, it can give people a feeling of relaxation and relaxed feeling!

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