how to choose garden balcony furniture

- Jul 03, 2018-


With the improvement of urban living quality, the decoration of living balconies has become more and more popular. Everyone wants to have a comfortable living balcony: put some flowers and plants to add vitality, place a comfortable garden balcony furniture, and relax when you are idle, enjoy the happy time on the balcony with your family.

What kind of outdoor furniture should be added to the garden space, and what kind of garden balcony furniture should be used for the balcony. Garden balcony furniture is more susceptible to wind, sun and rain, so the choice of materials should be different from ordinary indoor furniture. So try to choose sunscreen, moisture-proof furniture, wood is not very suitable, you can choose aluminum tables and chairs and rattan tables and chairs, and with a waterproof & UV resistant cushion is very comfortable.

Aluminum balcony furniture and cast aluminum garden tables and chairs, after powder coating, it is waterproof and rust-proof, which can withstand the outdoor wind and rain. Cast aluminum garden tables and chairs are mostly European-style, with water proof cushions that soft and comfortable.

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