How to choose a outdoor beach lounger

- Feb 27, 2019-


In the outdoor furniture industry, beach chairs in outdoor furniture products, also known as reclining chairs or lying beds, are one of the many home furnishing items for leisure people and fashion and natural friends. So how much do you know about the purchase of outdoor lounge chairs and the knowledge of outdoor lounge chairs? The following six points teach you to understand and buy beach chairs.

1. The height of the recliner. The height of the recliner depends on the height of the chair. In addition to the bar chair, the height of the chair is designed according to ergonomics, but the height of the child's furniture is designed according to the child's height ratio.

2, the depth of the beach chair. In formal occasions, because of courtesy, the person's sitting posture is very correct and can only be used as a third part of the chair. But in the leisure time, people like to lie on the chair and feel the comfort of the chair.

3, the height of the recliner chair back. For a seated person, you can choose a chair without a handrail or a chair with a lower armrest. It is better to rest the back completely against the back of the chair, so in this respect we may have to consider the height of the seat back.

4. For reclining chairs with armrests. The height of the handrail must be considered when designing. The height of the armrest is proportional to the height of the backrest and should not be too high or too low.

5. Whether the line of the beach chair is comfortable when in contact with the human body, and whether the softness of the mat is suitable. If you do not attach a seat cushion or a cushion back chair, look directly at whether the structure of the recliner is healthy, whether the line is smooth, and whether you feel comfortable physically and mentally.

6, the stability of the recliner, not only to talk about the recliner, all chairs must consider stability. We can see the stability of the whole chair from the details of the chair, the riveting degree, etc. Of course, the best way is to sit up and shake it, feel the chair itself shaking, and whether the structure is stable and reasonable.

As for the common sense of the process of purchasing beach chairs, as basically mentioned above, the beach chairs produced by outdoor furniture manufacturers are made of different materials, each has its own merits. When you purchase, you can place the venue according to the home style, and choose the place on site. Like the style, you can also choose beach chairs with different lines and styles according to your needs.

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