How to check the quality of rattan furniture?

- Nov 07, 2018-


Rattan furniture is not easy to be embedded in the maintenance of a lot of heart. “Eye to the eye” means that the six aspects of observation should not only look at the front side, the left and right sides, but also carefully observe the top and bottom rattan furniture. Whether the lines are symmetrical and smooth, whether the accessories are stable, whether the pulling or rotating is flexible, must be taken into consideration; "hand to" means that when you buy rattan products, you must touch them by hand and make them smooth. The use of rattan furniture is also different. The vine. The agate vine is prolific in Sumatra, and the agate vine and the road vine are long in color, uniform in color and strong in flexibility. They can be used as furniture vines. The bean vine art furniture rot is more versatile than the ancestors. It is used for rattan furniture pillars and inner columns. After the skin is polished, the big rattan is smooth and beautiful, and can be used for decorative rattan. The rattan is commonly known as the rattan, and the rattan furniture generally has three musts, ancient fog, and varieties of rattan.

Rattan furniture can be a quality product without being tied. It can become dirty and dusty or even damaged after a period of use, requiring immediate cleaning and maintenance. It can absorb a certain amount of water, but if it absorbs the moisture in it, it will become soft, the structure is loose, and the plane is drooping. Its advantage is that it will return to its original shape and size after drying. Therefore, it is important that the shape of the braid and its gap cannot be deformed when it is wet.

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