How to care for rattan furniture

- Dec 27, 2018-


The rattan furniture has both a simple appearance and an elegant appearance. It is highly sought after by young people, and many people choose rattan furniture because of its unique texture.

However, the beautiful and fashionable rattan furniture will produce some dirt for a while, especially in some slits, it is difficult to clean. So how do we usually care for rattan furniture to extend their warranty life? Here are a few things that we need to pay attention to:

Drought symptoms: Rattan furniture will become dark after long-term damp, severely rot, and its toughness and firmness will be significantly reduced; so do not place the rattan furniture in a damp place, try to choose a dry space;

However, if it is determined that it is wet, we cannot press the rattan furniture to ensure that its braided shape and its gap are not deformed, and that it shrinks to its original shape after drying;

Moisture-proof maintenance: If there is accumulation in the use, it is best to scrub with salt water, so that not only the decontamination can make the rattan soft, flexible, and ensure the water absorption of the rattan;

Love Tip: Rattan furniture is generally not easy to get wet. After the wet weather, the rattan furniture will return to its original shape and size.

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