how to buy indoor hanging chair

- Jun 09, 2018-

how to buy indoor hanging chair?

1, Check the material, if the indoor hanging chair was made with rattan, except hand-crafted fine craftsmanship, novel and beautiful appearance, the most important is to check whether the rattan material is excellent or not. If rattan is easy to tear, it means that the indoor hanging chair is made from poor quality rattan. It has poor toughness, low strength, and is easily broken. Rattan material is the most important for rattan furniture, recently the most commonly rattan is environment-friendly PE rattan.

2. Grab the edge of the indoor hanging chair with both hands and gently shake it to check is the frame stable.

3, Check the surface of indoor hanging chair whether luster and textile , rattan woven strong or not.

4, Wipe it with the palm of your hand on the surface of the indoor hanging chair, if it is smooth, and no feeling of sticking hands, it is OK.