How should outdoor furniture be maintained?

- Dec 03, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture. She is more mobile and suffers more trauma than indoor furniture. Therefore, outdoor furniture, especially outdoor tables, chairs and parasols, are slightly more likely to be damaged. The use of rough handling during the process, the possibility of damage to these outdoor furniture is even greater.

Damage to outdoor furniture is not inevitable. When using the table and chairs, lightly put the light, do not let the chair be single-legged when sitting; when the parasol is opened, do not force the ribs on the umbrella; when the roman is turned, pay attention to the surrounding The environment, carefully hit other things and cut through the umbrella cloth or crashed the ribs; the wire steering umbrella is not too strong when biased; the wooden umbrella is collected in advance in the event of heavy wind and heavy rain.

The indoor furniture mobility is small, the weight is large and the damage is relatively small. If there is damage directly, such as the crack on the leather surface of the sofa, the cracking of the bed plate, etc., this is a problem in the manufacturer's quality, and the contradiction is easy to define. However, the damage of outdoor furniture is still relatively complicated. Therefore, customers should be optimistic about the quality of the product when purchasing it. Try to observe it from multiple angles and then purchase it; use it when using it.

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