How much you know about outdoor furniture?

- Dec 28, 2018-


In fact, the history of outdoor furniture can be traced back to ancient times. Most of the early activities of human beings were carried out outdoors. The primitive society took the materials locally. The simple stone tables and stone benches were the earliest outdoor furniture, which developed into the late Ming and Qing dynasties. The outdoor furniture in the pavilions of the building, the garden furniture in the European royal gardens, and the forest furniture in the primitive tribes of Africa are all early outdoor public furniture. With the continuous evolution of human society's life form, the creation of new space functions and rich cultural aesthetic connotations, making people and the environment happy and harmonious, public space facilities and furniture design is the new collar in modern art design.

area. Furniture is expanding from indoor, home and commercial places to streets, squares, gardens, avenues, and lakesides. It is the growth of people's leisure, travel, shopping and other life behaviors. It is more comfortable, relaxed, stable and beautiful. Public outdoor furniture.

A good outdoor furniture has to meet three main conditions: stability, comfort and environmental coordination. It must be easy to transport, industrialization of processing, standardized production and assembly can be fixed to the ground to meet the ergonomic scale and shape, the layout should have the appropriate orientation and orientation to resist the vandalism of vandals, easy to urban public municipalities Repair private replacement. It is better to adapt and mitigate the effects of sun and rain. At the same time, it should be easy to clean, withstand heavy pressure and adapt to the different body shapes of men, women and children. In particular, from the perspective of modern styling aesthetics, we should pay attention to the modern outdoor public furniture design and pay more attention to the coordination of the furniture's shape, color and surrounding environment. An excellent outdoor furniture is like a beautiful outdoor abstract sculpture to beautify the local environment. , the role of setting, embellishment. In short, the modern public environment outdoor furniture design is an exciting new challenge, which requires contemporary furniture designers to create constantly in theory and practice, and as part of the overall planning and design of the public environment of the urban public environment, establish the overall image and creation of the urban environment. The urban landscape with humanistic charm expresses the furniture designer's ability to participate in social civilization, social economy and many other issues and social responsibility.

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