How many common outdoor beach chairs you know?

- Mar 06, 2019-


As an integral part of outdoor furniture: a beach chair, what kind of role does it play at home?

Beach chairs are the most common in outdoor furniture. The most basic materials used are rattan beach chairs, solid wood beach chairs, mesh beach chairs and so on. Based on fashion and simplicity, the style is based on personal preference. The rattan beach chair is mainly made of aluminum frame and PE rattan. It is easy to write, and it is soft and soft. It is durable, warm in winter and cool in summer, not moldy, waterproof and breathable, not cracking. Deformation, especially in the hot summer days. Solid wood beach chairs, mainly used for outdoor special wood, such as imported red walnut, imported hawthorn, pineapple, teak, etc., the front two are mainly red, the latter two are in wood color

More common. The mesh beach chair is mainly made of aluminum frame and special silk mesh. The mesh cloth is a special material for outdoor use, so you don't have to worry about the sun and rain. The mesh beach chair has smooth lines and the design of the pattern is elegant and elegant. It is easy to coordinate with the classical style interior design, so that it is both soft and soft. Teslin Mesh Beach Chairs Several different kinds of beach chairs reflect the casual and elegant outdoor style, so you can enjoy the sunshine at home and enjoy the beautiful life of outdoor leisure.


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