Home Finding Outdoors

- Jun 28, 2018-


Source: North Youth Author: Zhao Li


A strong wind on the weekend has dispelled the idea of many people sitting in the yard and blocked the excursions of some people.


The catkins are still floating, the air quality is not satisfactory, and the big time is hard to find. This kind of unfavorable factors from many aspects have led to many years of outdoor activities, such as blooming flowers and flowers, becoming more and more crowded in the metropolis. It is not easy.


Fortunately, there are still some ways to sneak in. At home, you can also find a natural feeling. Many outdoor furniture are quietly changing. In addition to the familiar rattan and wrought iron, in recent years, the outdoor furniture material has been continuously expanded. The quality is closely linked to rattan's Sutan, a polymer molding material, and withstands the wind and sun. New teak materials, etc., together with a variety of fabrics resistant to wind and moisture, outdoor furniture looks more and more delicate. Outdoor furniture is more sturdy than sofa tables and chairs with traditional materials used indoors. They are suitable for outdoor use and they have different styles, which brings infinite opportunities for people's home life.


In addition to this, some traditional furniture are also quietly moving towards the sense of outdoor and natural. They are also learning the characteristics of relaxation, naturalness, lightness, and ease of handling to outdoor furniture, winning the love of those who love nature.


All signs show that the natural climate affects people’s way of life, and although the weather can sometimes only be at home, with the ability to take advantage of the scenery, it can also live undisturbed.


"Aspire to nature" is becoming the trend of international home design. Close to nature is no longer just the mission of outdoor furniture. Designers spare no effort to add plant colors and animal elements to your furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorations to select your loved ones. In the summer of early heat waves, the family feels fresh and comfortable.