Green Design of Outdoor Furniture

- Jul 06, 2018-


The green design concept advocates following the laws of natural development, reducing human disturbance and maintaining ecological balance. The application of this concept in outdoor furniture is reflected in how to deal with the relationship between people, design and the ecological environment.

1. Practical strategy. The practicality of outdoor furniture green design means that the product function of outdoor furniture design should meet the individual needs of consumers, and also meet the requirements of ergonomics and the structure and construction of outdoor furniture. In short, we must pay attention to people's daily needs, but also pay attention to their ecological benefits, and can produce positive landscape effects. Practicality is the basic problem that outdoor furniture designers should consider when designing green. In addition to meeting basic functions, it must also consider its green value. For example, many city streets have hanging flower boxes or a flower bud on the lamps. The daytime not only greatly relieves the fatigue of passing pedestrians and driver drivers, but also illuminates at night.

2. The overall strategy. The outdoor is not as calm and calm as the indoor environment, and it is versatile and complicated due to factors such as wind and rain. When designing outdoor space, we should make full use of natural resources and conform to the laws of natural growth to achieve a state of harmonious coexistence between design and nature. The outdoor space environment design is an art that emphasizes the overall effect of the environment. It requires all kinds of garden elements (including garden architecture, sketches, water bodies, garden plants, etc.) to be coordinated, so as to achieve the harmonious integration of use value, aesthetic value and green value. .

3. Minimalist strategy. Outdoor furniture design is a kind of art design. Its design lines are smooth and simple, the color is bright, the decoration is simple, and it complements the surrounding environment. This is the typical feature of minimalist furniture and the essential requirement of green design. Simplicity is not the same as simplicity. It outlines the most spiritual space with the simplest lines. Behind the simplicity also reflects the modern people's consumption concept. The minimalist nature of outdoor furniture focuses on taste, health, fashion, focus on conservation, and scientific consumption. It respects the original space structure and tries to maintain the original features, that is, the structure is the most refined, the material is the most economical, the shape is the brightest, and the surface treatment is the simplest. The minimalist nature of outdoor furniture saves resources and creates value and is one of the most important core strategies for promoting green design.

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