Garden outdoor furniture is the protagonist at autumn and winter

- Jul 16, 2018-


In autumn and winter, the sun is no longer hot and the weather is not cold. I was bored with a long summer mood, and your mood was time to take it out and dry it. You may wish to temporarily move your living room to the outdoors, to feel the sun under the umbrellas, feel the casual romance with rattan rocking chair, feel the coolness with the iron outdoor furniture, let the garden outdoor furniture to be the  protagonist in the autumn and winter.

Warm and rustic outdoor wood furniture, plus this lover-like sunshine, can be romantic throughout the winter. The wooden furniture wrapped around the squid and vine plants should be the dream of many women. The dark color of the logs after carbonization makes the garden outdoor furniture of the logs more stable and thick, giving a sense of solidity. Some designers have also added a "roof" to the chair, making the outdoor feel of the furniture more pure and more idyllic.

Sometimes, it is necessary to create a casual atmosphere. For example, at present, all major furniture markets have launched a variety of outdoor "supporting" furniture, such as drum stools, wooden wells, beer barrels... some "supporting roles" It doesn't have practical meaning, it's just a space embellishment. A well like wood imitation is a kind of decoration in the courtyard, which creates a sense of locality. European beer barrels are mostly used in bars, or It is placed on the outdoor leisure table and chair as a foil to show a taste.

Autumn is not cool, support a parasol, a few wooden tables and chairs, plus a cup of herbal tea, about three or five friends in the autumn afternoon garden private chat. In the vast outdoor space, people's spirit and physique can be double relaxed - outdoor home has gradually become a popular word for home consumption.

Relaxing and enjoying life outdoors, feeling the rhythm of life slows down, and time passes slowly. When we are alone in a good book, or enjoy a happy time around a long table with family and friends. When we stretch our arms and enjoy the warmth of the sun; or lie on a deserted beach under the stars to enjoy the peace. This is a fairy tale about a wonderful life.

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