Four sun umbrellas are not sunscreen

- Jul 12, 2018-


Although the sunshine in the early autumn is less than summer, the poisonousness has not been alleviated. Therefore, even if the weather turns cold, sun protection can not be relaxed. If the sun umbrella is not selected correctly, it may do “useless work”. The following types of sun umbrellas have poor sun protection effects.

Polyester material sun umbrella. Cheap umbrellas, the umbrella materials are often made of polyester and other materials, which have thermal conductivity. The long-term use will increase the temperature of the small space under the umbrella, so that the scalp is heated. It is recommended to use a sun umbrella made of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, and enamel.

Light color sun umbrella. The light-colored umbrella surface is easy to transmit ultraviolet rays, and even after UV protection, the effect is not good. Dark umbrellas such as black are recommended.

The sun umbrella with a light inner side. Many people will ignore the inside of the sun umbrella. In fact, in addition to direct sunlight, the ultraviolet rays reflected on the ground can also burn the skin. Therefore, try to choose a dark umbrella such as black on the inside of the sun umbrella.

Single layer umbrella. From the perspective of shading and anti-ultraviolet effect, it is best to use a double-layer sun umbrella to use the space insulation effect between the two layers of cloth to make the temperature under the umbrella not easy to rise, thus protecting the skin. At the same time, the double-layered cloth has a better UV filtering effect than a single-layer cloth.

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