Four Objectives for Outdoor Furniture Design

- Jul 05, 2018-


Outdoor furniture design should be based on consumers. In the process of outdoor furniture design, it should be combined with the functions, aesthetics, comfort and durability. Four goals for outdoor furniture design:

 1, is it practical?

The function of an outdoor furniture is quite important, and it must be able to reflect its value. If it is a chair, it must be able to keep your hips out of the ground. If it's a bed, it will definitely let you sit on it, and it will let you lie on it. If a chair that can't sit can still call a chair? The answer is self-evident.

 2, is it comfortable?

An outdoor furniture must not only have the functions it deserves, but must also have considerable comfort. A stone allows you to sit down on the ground, but it is neither comfortable nor convenient, but the chair is just the opposite. If you want to rest in bed all night, the bed must have enough height, strength and comfort to guarantee this. The height of a coffee table must be such that it is convenient for him to serve tea to the guests, but the height is quite uncomfortable for eating.

 3, Durable?

Durability is often seen as the only manifestation of quality. An outdoor furniture should be able to be used for a long time, but the life of each outdoor furniture is not the same, because this is closely related to their main function. For example, lounge chairs and picnic tables are outdoor furniture. They are not expected to be as durable as drawer panels, nor can they be compared to the lampstands you wish to leave to your children.

4. Attractive?

Whether the appearance of outdoor furniture is attractive, it is often said: beautiful. If it is a chair that is very durable and durable, but the appearance is very ugly, or sitting on it is extremely uncomfortable, can it be called a high-quality chair? the answer is negative.

A high-quality outdoor furniture, it is sure to have the features he deserves as well as comfort and durability.

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