four characteristics of outdoor patio furniture

- Jul 12, 2018-


First, it is quiet. Good outdoor furniture, while having safety, quietness and recognizability, should also have the characteristics of combining artifacts with the natural environment. This kind of use of quietness includes whether the various measures measure the fairness of using ergonomic principles, and whether it creates space for people's mobility from the perspective of environmental psychology, which is directly related to outdoor furniture in outdoor space. The performance of the performance, which affects the quality of the residents' outdoor life.

Second, security. Recognizable outdoor furniture can guide residents to accurately manipulate and use environmental measures. On the one hand, it improves the utilization of outdoor furniture and makes the best use of it; on the other hand, it can effectively prevent it because of manipulation or use. Man-made damage caused by improperness to extend the life of the people. On the other hand, in terms of styling, color and material use, the measures should not cause any physical or psychological harm to the user.

Third, identification. Outdoor furniture, as people in the urban outdoor space, including the indoor to outdoor transition space, the measures required for outdoor mobility, whether its users are elderly, young people or children, should have the ability to meet people for outdoor mobility Some of the characteristics of the demand, these characteristics are important elements of a social environment that creates equal value and is full of humanistic care. Outdoor furniture humane thinking of the physical level of content, namely security, tranquility, recognition, harmony and culture.

Fourth, harmony. On the one hand, any measure should not only take into account the average person, but also take into account the safety needs of all people, including children, the elderly, and the disabled, and try to meet the needs of different people. The requirements for obstacle design, improve the level of safety. These can be said to be the body of outdoor furniture design, which must be considered and observed first. Security is the primary prerequisite for human survival. Without security, there are no other characteristics.

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