Four categories of outdoor furniture function classification

- Jul 17, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is classified into the following four categories according to basic functions:


1. Supporting outdoor furniture

Supporting outdoor furniture is one of the earliest types of outdoor furniture formed in human history. It mainly refers to a kind of furniture that directly supports the human body in outdoor space, such as chairs, stools, sofas and beds, for people to sit, lie and lie down. Chairs and stools have always been the mainstream products of outdoor furniture, occupying the majority of the market share. At the same time, in recent years, with the blurring of indoor and outdoor space boundaries, the sofa products originally used indoors have also been extended. Expansion and rapid development.

2, relying on outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture refers to a type of furniture for people to rely on or use in outdoor space. It also has the function of arranging and storing items. The more common ones are coffee table and table (table) table. This kind of furniture is also called quasi-human furniture. Its functional part is in direct contact with the human body, while the other part is related to the object. Although the furniture does not directly support the human body, it is closely related to human body scale and activities.

3, storage outdoor furniture

Storage outdoor furniture mainly refers to furniture such as cabinets for people to store or put books, food, utensils, utensils and other items in outdoor space.

4, other outdoor furniture

Other types of outdoor furniture mainly refer to products that provide auxiliary functions such as patio heating products, outdoor umbrellas (canopies), and garden decoration products that people use in outdoor spaces.

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