Five Requirements for How to Place Rattan Sofa

- Jul 12, 2018-


1, Pay attention to the number of rattan sofa sets 

The shape of the sofa is divided into a single sofa, a double sofa, a long sofa, and a curved shape, a round sofa, and the like. In terms of materials, leather sofas, cloth sofas and rattan sofas are also available. In terms of color and shape, it is more varied.

 2, Pay attention to the orientation of rattan sofa

Because the sofa is for everyday furniture of a size, you should pay attention to the orientation. For the east facing residence, the sofa should be placed in the four directions of the east, southeast, south and north of the living room. For the west-facing residence, the sofa should be placed in the four directions of the southwest, west, northwest and northeast of the living room.

 3,The rattan sofa should have back to rely on

The so-called relying on refers to the backing of the mountain, which means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa, no worries, so that it meets the feng shui way. The ancient Chinese chair used natural marble as the back, and the pattern on it and the faint mountain view are the best.

 4, The decoration of the sofa should not be straight

The important position of the sofa in the living room is like the main port of the country. It must be able to get as much water as possible to thrive. The excellent port must have an extended bend on both sides, shaped like the U-letter of the English alphabet. The extended bend is still guarded by two arms, and the recess in the center is the suffocating position of the feng shui. In order to achieve both prosperity and prosperity.

 5, The sofa should not be hedged with the gate

If you encounter a situation where the sofa is in line with the main entrance, it is best to remove the sofa to avoid colliding with the door. If there is nowhere to move, then there is a screen between the two. In this way, the gas flowing into the house from the gate will not directly hit the sofa. If the sofa is facing the door, there is no serious problem. You don't have to sneak it to the left, and there is no need to put a screen.

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