Five Misunderstandings of Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Part II)

- Jul 12, 2018-


Rattan outdoor furniture is expensive

Rattan outdoor furniture is much more expensive than other furniture because they use different materials. Moreover, at the time of production, the rattan outdoor furniture is manually heated by a professional to customize the basic shape of the product after reinforcement. The more complex the process, the higher the price. Rattan outdoor furniture is a veritable green furniture because of its traditional hand-made, reduced processing pollution and energy loss. In this comparison, the high price of rattan outdoor furniture does have its rationality. If the price is one point, even if it is expensive, if it is from the perspective of environmental protection and health, craftsmanship, Value.

Rattan outdoor furniture is only suitable for summer

Many people think that rattan outdoor furniture is more suitable for summer, so you will choose to buy rattan outdoor furniture when the weather is hot. In fact, the outdoor furniture of the rattan itself has the effect of warm winter and cool summer, it is not only suitable for summer. In the bleak autumn and winter, you will have a feeling of four seasons like spring when you walk into the space where rattan furniture is arranged. In the autumn and winter seasons, rattan furniture can be used to put colored cushions on it, which can reduce the damage of rattan outdoor furniture and make it more visually pleasing.

Rattan outdoor furniture is too simple

The rattan outdoor home has always been a simple feeling, but now the rattan outdoor home has also jumped out of the traditional framework in the shape, changing the simple and crude. Many rattan furniture are designed and manufactured with smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable styles, and quite elegant and elegant. The rattan outdoor furniture is pure and natural, fresh and refreshing, and full of modern and fashionable features. Shaking off Cinderella's coat, it leads the new round of fashion in the furniture market with practical, artistic and collectible qualities.

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